Who Sets Up Temporary Mobile Kitchens?


A Kitchen Corps, Inc. Project Manager will be on site the very moment a temporary mobile kitchen arrives on site to begin set up. In addition to Kitchen Corps representatives we also hire local professionals who are up-to-date and accustom to all local codes and regulations to complete various tasks required for set up. A single production kitchen trailer has a typical set up turnaround of 2-3 days while a 5-wide kitchen facility typically takes 14 days.


Who Sets Up Temporary Mobile Kitchens     Who Sets Up Temporary Mobile Kitchens


Electric, gas, water, and sewage lines are already run within our temporary mobile kitchens and have simple points of connections for the customer to provide utilities to. Prior to set up, our project managers and coordinators are available to answer questions regarding utility requirements to ensure connections are done as quickly and smoothly as possible once set up has begun.

After the temporary mobile kitchen is set up the project manager will do a walk-through with the client and fire off all equipment to ensure everything is working properly. The project manager will also train the client and their employees on how to operate the temporary kitchen facility and answer all questions prior to turning over the unit for use.

Even after set up is complete Kitchen Corps available at any hour to answer questions and trouble shoot problems, should they arise. With Kitchen Corps there is never a moment of uncertainty.


Who Sets Up Temporary Mobile Kitchens     Who Sets Up Temporary Mobile Kitchens

If you are interested in learning more about renting a Temporary Kitchen, Mobile Kitchen, or Modular Kitchen, please click here to contact a sales representative. When asking Who Sets Up Temporary Mobile Kitchens the answer is the experts at Kitchen Corps, Inc.