Temporary Kitchen Facilites / Portable Kitchens

For over 18 years Kitchen Corps’ has been providing Temporary Kitchens solutions to organizations all across the country due to renovations, new construction, disaster relief, or planned events.

Kitchen Facilities

Equipped with production, preparation, dish washing, dry storage, and walk-in cooler and freezer spaces with Large work spaces and open floor plans for our Temporary Kitchens.

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semi- trailer kitchens

8′ x 48′ or 8′ x 53′ Semi-Trailer Units

Production, Dishwashing, Preparation, Dry Storage, and Walk-In Cooler and Freezers available

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modular Kitchens

Customized kitchens and dining facilities fit for any organization Available for short and long term use,

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rapid response Kitchens

Available and ready for use within 7 days anywhere in the U.S.Outfitted with predetermined equipment capable to cook and feed up to 1,000 people per meal Generators, potable water, and mounted propane tanks are available if utilities cannot be accessed

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