Kitchen Corps raises money for Susan G. Komen

Kitchen Corps leaders recently traveled to Philadelphia to participated in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day fundraiser Oct. 5-7.The 3-day, 60-mile event saw CFO Paula Therrien, her daughter National Sales Manager Sarah Rogers, and thousands of other participates walk 20 miles each day until they reached the Closing Ceremony.Paula lost her sister to breast cancer this January after a 10-year battle, which brought the fight to end breast cancer to her door step.

Each walker was required to raise at least $2,300 to participate. The entire team Paula and Sarah walked with raised $24,635. The money helps fund breast cancer research, community education, and outreach programs in communities across the country.

Kitchen Corps is also raising money for Susan G. Komen by donating $1,000 for every contract signed by Dec. 31, 2013. Since 1997, Kitchen Corps has provided temporary kitchens, mobile kitchens, and kitchen trailers to businesses and organizations experiencing new construction, renovation, long-term events, and disaster relief.

“Walking 20-miles a day for three days isn’t easy,” Paula said. “But it showed our commitment to someday end breast cancer and it honored my sister and our family, as well as the families who were there for the same reason. It was a humble, yet inspiring event that promotes breast cancer research and will bring breast cancer care to those in our communities who so desperately need it.”

Throughout the next 12 months, Kitchen Corps will hold company-sponsored fundraisers to start raising money for next year’s Susan G. Komen 3-Day event.


Kitchen Corps is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that serves clients nationwide by providing mobile kitchens, temporary kitchens, and kitchen trailers capable of serving from 90 to 9,000 meals per day.

If you are experiencing new construction, renovations or disaster relief and are in the market for a temporary kitchen facility or mobile kitchen, please call Kitchen Corps.