Free disaster planning packet focused on food service, available through Kitchen Corps, Inc.

Free disaster planning packet focused on food service, available through Kitchen Corps, Inc.

— Does your organization have a plan for feeding its people when a tornado, hurricane, fire or other disaster strikes?

One of the keys to quickly restoring order to a disaster-stricken organization is the ability to keep stakeholders and disaster relief crews on-site – which means providing proper food service.

Kitchen Corps, Inc., headquartered in Virginia, is providing Free disaster planning packet to organizations that would like to include temporary kitchen and emergency kitchen information in their Disaster Plan. The packet includes information on leasing a temporary kitchen or emergency kitchen, set-up timelines, pricing options, and other valuable information. Receive your free Disaster Planning Packet by calling Kitchen Corps at (757) 487-8977.

Kitchen Corps is a national leader in temporary kitchens and emergency kitchens.  It has answered the distress call many times since 1997 to help organizations quickly get back on their feet. Kitchen Corps most recently provided disaster relief temporary kitchen facilities and emergency kitchens to:

• University of Texas Medical Branch: Rebuild after Hurricane Ike in Galveston, TX
• Shaw University: Rebuild after tornado damage in Raleigh, NC
• Base Logistics: Oil spill cleanup in Grand Isle, LA
• Meadows of Dan Elementary School: Rebuild after fire damage in Meadows of Dan, VA

If you are preparing your disaster plan and would like to include the continuation of food service operations through a disaster relief temporary kitchen facility, emergency kitchen, mobile kitchen, kitchen trailer, or modular kitchen, we would be pleased to send you our free Disaster Planning Packet.  Please request your packet by contacting us at (757) 487-8977 or