Amanda White named Kitchen Corps’ 2014 Employee of the Year

Kitchen Corps, Inc. recently announced that Amanda White was its 2014 Employee of the Year.Amanda joined the temporary kitchen company in January 2014 as its Receptionist and by the end of the year had impressed company leadership so much, they chose her for the award.

“It was such a nice surprise to be awarded 2014 Employee of the Year and I am honored,” Amanda said. “I take great pride in my work and the recognition is truly appreciated! I proudly display this wonderful award in my office as encouragement to keep up the hard work.”

Amanda credits the great teamwork and attitudes at Kitchen Corps for her success. “All of the wonderful people here at Kitchen Corps played a major role in my great year!” she said. “I really
value the knowledge and insight they have about temporary kitchens, mobile kitchen trailers, and the food service industry, and their willingness
to share it with me.”

Amanda’s success can also be attributed to the fact that she loves coming to work each day. “The best part of working at Kitchen Corps is knowing that we are truly helping people. If a disaster occurs and a company or organization is in need of a temporary kitchen facility, we can provide it quickly. If an organization is planning a kitchen or dining room renovation, we can provide them with a temporary kitchen solution. I see every day the great help we are to our clients around the country and it thrills me to be a part of that.”

During 2014 Amanda served as the company’s Receptionist and was the first person every customer or potential customer talked with. Although Amanda had worked in the food service industry before joining Kitchen Corps, she had limited office experience. Making the transition to administrative work was made even more difficult due to the fact that she was now with a company that serves clients nationwide with temporary kitchens large enough to serve 9,000 meals per day, or smaller units that serve only 90 meals per day.

She was instantly thrust into a role of helping people from a wide variety of organizations that use Kitchen Corps such as universities, schools, corrections facilities, retirement homes, hospitals, disaster relief organizations, and businesses.

“Juggling all of the office tasks took some getting used,” she said, “but everyone was patient and helpful.”

“Amanda is smart, driven and articulate,” says Kitchen Corps CEO Glenn Therrien. “We knew she would be a great front-line person for our company, and she proved us correct.”

Amanda’s second year at Kitchen Corps will also prove challenging and interesting, as she was promoted to Accounts Payable, where she will assist the Chief of Finances.

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