Temporary Mobile Kitchens OH

Mobile Kitchens Ohio

At Kitchen Corps., our experts understand how important it is for your business to have a kitchen runs continuously. We provide only the best for temporary commercial kitchen rental to ensure your company can keep running flawlessly. Let us worry about setting up and installing your custom cold storage trailer, mobile kitchen trailer, or any other temporary kitchen you might need! Need to purchase equipment to keep? We also offer a service for equipment sales to ensure you get the parts and equipment you need for your company! With capabilities to feed anywhere from 90 meals per day to 9,000 meals, in facilities ranging from 480 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft. and beyond, Kitchen Corps has the solution for you. When you need Temporary Mobile Kitchens OH look no further than the experts at Kitchen Corps.

Why use a Kitchen Corps Rapid Response Mobile Kitchens?

  • Readily available for use within 7 days.
  • Units can be on-site and operating anywhere in the U.S. quickly and play an instrumental part in keeping work crews fed and on-scene, typically on the road to your location within 24 hours.
  • Single points of connection for all utilities – gas, electric, water, and sewage.
  • Generator powered if shore power is not available.
  • Mounted potable and grey water tanks.
  • Mounted propane tanks.
  • Exhaust Hood w/ Fire Suppression System
  • Capability to feed 10 to 1,000 people per meal.
  • Rapid Response Kitchens are outfitted with predetermined equipment. Ask a sales associate for more details.
  • Built to meet all International Building Codes
  • Made of food safe material.
  • Temperature controlled.
  • Water Heaters
  • Rapid Response Mobile Kitchens are the perfect solution for use during a disaster, emergency, or short-term event needing catering. Units are rugged, self-contained units that are built to work in the toughest of conditions.

Kitchen Corps
Companies and institutions planning renovations to their kitchen facilities, or facing unexpected interruption of service, turn to Kitchen Corps, Inc. With more than 17 years of experience in this industry, our professionals help you face the greatest challenges.  We  plan even the smallest of details, all within your budget. From single production kitchens to full service industrial kitchens to custom built units and beyond, Kitchen Corps provides versatility that is unmatched in the industry. Whether you need customized equipment to meet unique food service requirements or a completely custom designed work space for a long-term operation, Kitchen Corps, Inc. has the resources to meet the challenge.When you want fast service for your temporary kitchen needs look to the Temporary Mobile Kitchens OH professionals at Kitchen CorpsFor more information about Temporary Mobile Kitchens OH call 757-487-8977

Temporary Mobile Kitchens OH