Temporary Kitchen Aids University During Renovation

Kitchen Corps, Inc. was recently awarded a contract by the University of Georgia for a temporary kitchen rental while their full service Mobile Kitchen facility underwent renovation.

Kitchen Corps Sales Manager, Sarah Rogers, determined that a 5-wide mobile temporary kitchen facility was the best fit for the number of meals the University prepares per day. The contract was awarded on October 28, 2015 and in just 3 days Kitchen Corps staff was on site to begin set-up.

On November 2, 2015 (5) temporary mobile kitchen units were transported from Durham, North Carolina where they were used on a previous project to Athens, GA and in 14 days the facility was operational. The temporary kitchen included:

(2) 6-Pan Steamers

(1) 6 Burner Range with Standard Oven

(3) Double Stack Convection Ovens

(2) 40 Lb. Deep Fryers

(1) 40 Gallon Tilt Skillet

(3) Heater / Proofer Cabinets

(1) 60 Qt. Mixer

(1) 60 Gallon Steam Kettle

(1) Hobart Conveyor Dish Machine

In addition to the commercial cooking equipment listed above the mobile kitchen facility also includes hand sinks, 3-compartment sinks, work tables, 8’ x 10’ walk-in cooler and 8’ x 10’ walk-in freezer.

Mobile Kitchen           Mobile Kitchen

Facilities Coordinator and Director, Emily Newdow was impressed with Kitchen Corps’ quick turnaround for the temporary Mobile Kitchen facility and with the quality of the kitchen.

“We’re feeding around 2,000 meals a day through four different dining spots on campus – and for the a mount of meals we have to execute per day, the kitchen is phenomenal. We’ve been showing it off every chance we get to our architects, presidents, and the higher up’s who are involved with the project. It’s great.”

Construction on their permanent kitchen facility is set to be complete in May 2016.

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