Temporary Kitchen Aids Senior Care Community in Durham, NC

Kitchen Corps, Inc. recently completed a 7 month kitchen rental for The Forest at Duke in Durham, North Carolina. The senior care community contacted Kitchen Corps in October 2014 with interest in a mobile kitchen rental for the duration of the upcoming construction of their permanent kitchen facility.

In March 2015 Kitchen Corps transported our 5-wide kitchen facility from Chesapeake, VA to Durham, North Carolina. The customized temporary kitchen equipment line included:

  • (1) 36” Griddle
  • (2) 6 Pan Steamers
  • (1) 6 Burner Range w/ Oven
  • (2) Double Stack Ovens
  • (2) 40 Lb. Deep Fryers
  • (1) 40 Gallon Tilt Skillet
  • (3) Heater / Proofer cabinets
  • (1) 60 Qt. Mixer
  • (1) 60 Gallon Steam Kettle
  • (1) Hobart Dish Machine

In addition to the commercial cooking equipment, our customized temporary kitchen equipment was also equipped with work tables, HVAC, exhaust fans, air curtains, fire suppression system, make-up air system, walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer.

When Kitchen Corps Sales Manager, Sarah Rogers took the call she knew automatically which temporary kitchen facility Kitchen Corps could offer.

“Our five-wide kitchen facility is one of our most popular units because it provides production, preparation, dish washing, dry storage, and a walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer. The facility functions as a full service temporary kitchen and that was exactly what this senior care facility needed during their renovation. The Forest at Duke agreed, and just a few short months later the temporary kitchen was on site and operational.”

Construction on their permanent kitchen facility was completed in October 2015.

To learn more about our temporary kitchens, click here to contact a sales representative.


customized temporary kitchen equipment      customized temporary kitchen equipment

  -  03/10/2016

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