Rack vs. Flight – Which Dishwasher is the Best Fit?

At Kitchen Corps, we offer both a Flight-Type and Rack-Type Temporary Dishwasher Trailers Units to clients looking for a temporary replacement during renovations, disaster recovery, or special events. With two different style dishwashers available, we’re often asked the question:

“Which dishwasher would be the best fit for my company?”

The answer can be determined by looking at the number of meals served during peak times and how often a dishwasher is being run to keep up with service. Here are the highlights of each style dish machine:

Rack Type (Conveyor) Dishwashers are typically used in commercial kitchens that serve around 1,500 meals during a rush. Conveyor dishwashers can clean up to 400 dish racks per hour on average.

Flight Type Dishwashers are the largest type of commercial dishwashers on the market and are typically best for companies and environments with high traffic volume. On average, flight dishwashers can wash up to 14,000 – 20,000 dishes per hour. There are no racks required with flight dishwashers as the dishes are placed directly onto the moving belt and fed into the machine to be cleaned.


Temporary Dishwasher Trailers

Kitchen Corps Dish Machine Trailers

All of our temporary dish washing units are equipped with either a rack type or flight type dish machine, commercial garbage disposal, clean table, soiled table, 3-compartment sink, 2-compartment sink, hand sink, work tables, water heaters and booster heaters.

Like our temporary kitchen units, all Kitchen Corps dish washing units are equipped with NSF approved and UL listed equipment and complete with proper ventilation and exhaust system to meet all international building codes.

To learn more about our Temporary Dishwasher Trailers, Temporary Kitchen Trailers, Mobile Kitchens, Modular Kitchens, or other products and services available please click here to contact a sales representative.

  -  03/08/2016

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