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Modular Container Temporary Kitchens Products & Services

From large 15,000 sq. ft. temporary kitchen facilities to smaller 400 sq. ft. kitchen containers – Kitchen Corps has it all.

Modular Container Temporary Kitchens Products & Services     Modular Container Temporary Kitchens Products & Services

Our container kitchens are equipped to feed 500 meals or less during rush time and are the perfect solution for organizations with a small scale food service operation.

Our container kitchens are typically 400 sq. ft. in size and are available for both short term and long term use.

10’ x 40’ Modular Container Available Now

  • 22’ Hood w/ Ansul Fire Suppression System
  • Electric Equipment
  • 2 Service Windows

While all Kitchen Corps, Inc. container kitchens, mobile kitchens, modular kitchens, and temporary kitchen facilities offer customized equipment lines – this 10’ x 40’ modular kitchen container currently contains:

  • (2) 50 Lb. Deep Dryer
  • (1) Double Stack Convection Oven
  • (1) 2-Door Reach in Refrigerator
  • (1) 2-Door Reach in Freezer
  • (1) Table Top Tilt Kettle
  • (1) 36” Griddle

If you would like to learn more about this available modular container kitchen or would like to learn more about other products and services that Kitchen Corps has to offer, please click here to contact us.

Companies and institutions planning renovations to their kitchen facilities, or facing unexpected interruption of service, turn to Kitchen Corps, Inc. and its expertise. With more than 17 years of experience in this industry, our professionals help you face the greatest challenges and plan even the smallest of details, all within your budget. From single production kitchens to full service industrial kitchens to custom built units and beyond, Kitchen Corps provides versatility that is unmatched in the industry. Whether you need customized equipment to meet unique food service requirements or a completely custom designed work space for a long-term operation, Kitchen Corps, Inc. has the resources to meet the challenge. Kitchen Corps are the experts in Modular Container Temporary Kitchens Products & Services that your looking for.