Looking Back: Carolina Village Temporary Kitchen

In early 2012, Carolina Village – a senior care facility in Hendersonville, North Carolina – faced a major dilemma: they needed to complete a renovation on their kitchen facility that would require a shutdown but still needed a way to continue to serve 1,000 meals per day. Their solution, Mobile Kitchens Trailers.

Sales Manager Sarah Rogers was the one who answered the call.

“When Mr. Estep called with Carolina Village I knew right away the 5-Wide Production Kitchen Facility would be the perfect fit.  This type of facility has the most efficient work space for food service operations to continue with little to no interruptions which of course is important in the healthcare and senior living industries.”

In April 2012, Kitchen Corps, Inc. arrived on site with a 5-Wide Kitchen Facility. The facility is made of (5) semi-trailer units that allow space for production, preparation, dishwashing, walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers. The kitchen included the following equipment:

  • (1) Dish Machine
  • (1) 36” Griddle
  • (1) 40 Gallon Kettle
  • (1) Charbroiler
  • (2) Double Stack Convection Oven
  • (1) 40 Lb. Deep Fryer
  • (1) 6 Burner Range w/ Oven
  • (2) 5-Pan Steamers

In addition to the commercial cooking equipment, the temporary kitchen also included hand sinks, 3 compartment sinks, 2 compartment sinks, stainless steel preparation tables, booster heaters, hot water heaters, air curtains, HVAC system, fire suppression and make up air unit. Construction on their permanent kitchen was completed in April 2013.

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Mobile Kitchens Trailers      Mobile Kitchens Trailers

Mobile Kitchens Trailers      Mobile Kitchens Trailers
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