Looking Back – 20’ Custom Container Kitchen Build

In 2012 Kitchen Corps was approached by National K Works, a manufacturing company in Huston, TX looking to acquire a small yet semi-permanent food service facility to provide meal options to their staff. Known for our 48’ and 53’ semi-trailer kitchens and large multi-unit facilities – small wasn’t something Kitchen Corps was accustom to but with our company motto, “the difficult we do right away, the impossible takes a bit longer” we knew it was a challenge we were willing to accept.

Immediately, we knew that a Container Kitchen would be the best option for the company. From the very first phone call we were determined to not only build a container kitchen the company had imagined but to exceed their expectations. National K Work’s representative, Scott Kerley and Kitchen Corps’ Inc. Designer, Brandon Weldon worked closely together to determine equipment specifications and requirements and decided on a layout that would benefit National K Work’s the best.

“The 20’ Container Kitchen I designed was the first of its kind for our company. There were many hurdles with fitting everything the client wanted in the small space and going through the necessary permit process, but that was what made this design & build so fulfilling. It was definitely one of my favorite designs I have done thus far in my career and I was honored to be a part of the process from the very beginning to the moment the Container Kitchen was turned over to the happy client.”

Brandon Weldon – Kitchen Corps, Inc. Designer

Kitchen Corps’ purchased a 20’ shipping container and immediately began gutting and manufacturing the new custom kitchen. The 20’ Container Kitchen included:

  • (1) 36” Charbroiler
  • (1) 6 Burner Range w/ Standard Oven
  • (1) 40 Lb. Deep Fryer
  • (1) 2’ Door Reach-In Cooler
  •  (1) 24’ Prep Table
  •  (1) 5’ Prep Table
  • (1) 36” Dry Storage Cabinet
  • (1) 3 Compartment Sink
  • (1) Hand Sink
  • (1) Mop Sink
  • (2) Water Heaters
  • (1) 8’ Hood System
  • (1) HVAC System
  • (1) Supply Fan
  • (1) Exhaust Fan

The design, build, delivery, and set-up were all performed and coordinated by Kitchen Corps, Inc. The container kitchen was delivered to National K Works in early 2013 and is still being used today to feed staff.

Custom Container Kitchen     Custom Container Kitchen


Custom Container Kitchen     Custom Container Kitchen
Since the build Kitchen Corps has added several other container kitchens to our 60+ temporary kitchen fleet and those container kitchens have provided temporary food service all over the United States.To learn more about our temporary mobile kitchens or to speak to a sales representative about your organizations needs for a  Custom Container Kitchen, please click here to contact us.