Glenn Leader Pic 10.23.15

Glenn Therrien, President and CEO of Kitchen Corps, Inc. has firsthand experience with the temporary mobile kitchen world and has lead a company to top rated success for the past 19 years. We’ve asked Glenn a series of questions regarding his experience, insight, and experience in the temporary kitchen world.

Topic:  “When it All Goes Wrong”

“When all goes wrong – someone did not prepare, plan, and execute correctly. “Murphy’s Law” is out there. Training is the only answer to defeat Murphy’s Law.
Training in our situation comes down to the many facets of providing a temporary kitchen or modular kitchen to a client. I firmly believe that a person or group has control of any specific outcome, regardless of the beginning situation. Pre-planning and managing is the key to any successful outcome.
Identifying and preparing for the unforeseen will eliminate things that can go wrong – it’s important to identify them before they become a surprise and the damage will be minimal.
There will always be solutions.

When things go wrong is not the problem, it’s when you allow the same thing to go wrong multiple times that you have to reevaluate your approach.

At Kitchen Corps, we train our staff using prior knowledge and experience to previous temporary mobile kitchen set up’s, lease terms, and tear downs. It’s important not to point fingers to whom made it all go wrong, but rather to join together and determine how we’ll make it right again. For 19 years Kitchen Corps has provided temporary kitchens, modular kitchens, and mobile kitchens throughout the country to a variety of customers with food service dilemmas. Kitchen Corps has always managed to make the transition from permanent facility to temporary facility and back to permanent facility a simple, smooth, and stress free one”

Whether your company is unsure how to continue food service during a single month renovation or a long term multi-year renovation, Kitchen Corps has the solution.

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