Mobile Kitchen Facilities For Sale

Used Mobile Kitchen Equipment 

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 48’ x 20’ Modular Building for Sale
Includes two wall mounted HVAC units. Also includes two 20 AMP Electrical Panels.
Phone: (757) 487-8977

Mobile Kitchen Facilities For Sale

52’ x 52’ Modular Facility for Sale
52’ X 52” Modular Building Shell Includes two 14’ X 52’ Modular and two 12’ X 52’ Modular. All Built On Perimeter Frame Chassis
Phone: (757) 487-8977

Mobile Kitchen Facilities For Sale

53’ Commercial Kitchen Trailer for Sale
Stainless Steel Walls

Diamond Tread Plate Flooring
30’ Exhaust Hood
8’ x 10’ Walk-in Cooler
Bard Wall Mount HVAC
Stainless Steel Prep Table
3 Compartment Sink
Hand Sink
Gas, Water, and Waste Connections

Mobile Kitchen Facilities For Sale

Mobile Kitchen Facilities For Sale

About KCI Temporary Kitchens

KCI Temporary Kitchens is one of the nation’s leaders for providing temporary kitchen facilities. For example, mobile kitchens, modular facilities, dish washing units, cold and dry storage units. Moreover, this also includes rapid response kitchens to facilities and organizations experiencing new construction or renovation. For instance, short and long-term events, remote operations, disaster relief, and other unforeseen events all across the nation and on almost any day of the year.

Our temporary kitchens across the U.S. are serving as many as 9,000 meals per day, or as few as 90 per day. KCI provides services throughout the United States.

KCI is now offering Used Mobile Kitchen Facilities For Sale.You want a company that has an excellent reputation for customer service as well as delivering quality products and services.

We have the highest of standards for service and products for our customers. KCI Temporary Kitchens is an industry leader in rapid response mobile kitchens.

For more information about Mobile Kitchen Facilities For Sale call KCI @ (757) 487-8977