MCN Build – is a construction company dedicated to serving communities with sustainable projects. DC Public Schools has established a School Improvement Team that handles the school modernization of the DC Public Schools.

KCI has provided multiple 2,500 Sq Ft temporary kitchen facilities at two k-12 schools in Washington DC. Houston Elementary School and Eliot-Hine Middle School. These facilities are capable of feeding all students and staff during their modernization projects.

The facilities used are KCI’s most popular set up that includes 5 trailers that are combined onsite to provide an open floor plan with a production area, prep area, dishwashing area, cold storage and dry storage.

Houston Elementary will be a minimum of a 24 month project. After 12 months the DC Public Schools decided to purchase the modular facility.

For 2500 Sq Ft temporary kitchen call KCI at 757- 487-8977