Glenn Leader Pic 10.23.15

Glenn Therrien, President and CEO of Kitchen Corps, Inc. has firsthand experience with the Temporary Kitchen Industry  and has lead a company to top rated success for the past 19 years. We’ve asked Glenn a series of questions regarding his experience, insight, and experience in the temporary kitchen world.

Topic:  “The Foundation of Kitchen Corps, Inc.”

“We started Kitchen Corps, Inc. in 1996 – we being myself and my wife Paula. Paula had 20 years’ experience in government contracting and I with 21 years’ experience in military food service and logistics.
In 1996 I received a phone call with a request to develop a plan to feed large groups of personnel in remote areas. Yet after the plan was put into action, the requirement went away. Paula and I had made a substantial investment in mobile kitchens to support the requirement that was now nonexistent.
Paula and I both literally spent 30 days calling any and all organizations that we felt would require a mobile kitchen hoping to find a company that could use what we’ve put together. That was the beginning of Kitchen Corps, Inc.
More times than not, when we have our first initial phone call with a potential customer they admit to us that they didn’t know mobile kitchens existed because they’d never needed one before. It’s not until they were unable to provide quality food service due to construction, renovations, disasters, or special events that they begin their search for a temporary and mobile kitchen salutation and they find Kitchen Corps.
Temporary and Mobile Kitchens are not typical products you can go down the street to a store and buy off the shelf. We provide mobile kitchens that are specific to a client’s needs and requirements and we have the capability to provide for companies that feed 90 to 9,000 meals per day and beyond.
It goes without saying we had our trial and errors. If it was easy, anyone would be doing it. Anything is possible. Our motto is one we take to heart, ‘The difficult we do right away, the impossible takes a bit longer’.

19 years and many, many, many hours of hard work later – we now have a fleet of over 60 temporary mobile kitchen units. We offer production, preparation, dish washing, dry storage, and walk-in cooler units and facilities that range from 400 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft. and an array of sizes in-between.”

Whether your company is unsure how to continue food service during a single month renovation or a long term multi-year renovation, Kitchen Corps has the solution. When you need Temporary Kitchen Industry solutions look no further than the experts at Kitchen Corps for all of your mobile kitchen needs.

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