Renovating your kitchen/dining facility?

Count on Kitchen Corps to keep your food service operation running smoothly

Many organizations perform renovations without a major disruption to their operations, but when you start messing with the meals, things can get dicey.

Since 1997, businesses, organizations, and military bases have counted on Kitchen Corps, Inc. to keep their food service operation running smoothly while renovations are made to the organization’s kitchen and dining facility.

Kitchen Corps works with a variety of clients nationwide that serve from 9,000 meals per day to 90 meals per day. That means our team of experts can work with you to create a custom temporary kitchen facility that fits your renovation needs.

Leasing a temporary kitchen facility, mobile kitchen, modular kitchen, or kitchen trailer from Kitchen Corps is simple and can be accomplished in five steps.

Design Process
• Identify temporary cooking and dining facility items for requirements.
• Send requirements to Kitchen Corps design team.
• Kitchen Corps designs the best temporary kitchen solution for your project needs.

Signing of a contract
• Project drawings and contract are sent to you.
• Approval and signature of diagrams and contract by your company.

• Proof of insurance on leased equipment given to Kitchen Corps.
• All local and state permits must be obtained by your company.
• Utilities and waste companies should be contacted prior to delivery and set-up of the temporary kitchen facility, mobile kitchen, or modular kitchen.

Start up of project
• Temporary kitchen units to be delivered and positioned on site by Kitchen Corps.
• Utility companies complete hook ups.
• Kitchen Corps team member reviews start up procedures with your staff.
• You can now start operating your equipment.

Break down of project
• Contact Kitchen Corps for breakdown and return of temporary kitchen facility, mobile kitchen, modular kitchen, or kitchen trailer.
• Clean and prepare equipment for transportation.
• The Kitchen Corps team will pick up the equipment.

Some of Kitchen Corps lease or buy options for your temporary kitchen facilities include:
• Rent on a monthly basis.
• Short- and long-term leases.
• Sell used units.
• Custom built permanent structures.
• An equipment/resource needs evaluation.
• A cost analysis.
• Equipment Lease Agreement.
• Preventative maintenance contract (optional).

Temporary Kitchen components
A temporary kitchen facility can be all encompassing to include restrooms and office space, or ala carte. Following are some of the features of our temporary kitchen facilities, mobile kitchens, modular kitchens, or kitchen trailers:
• Production
• Preparation
• Dishwashing
• Refrigeration
• Dry storage
• Dishwashing
• Bathrooms
• Dining facilities
• Generators
• Decks
• Ramp
• Lift systems
• Bunk houses

Our team will be able to help you determine the best layout and equipment for your temporary kitchen facility.

If an upcoming renovation to your kitchen facilities has you in the market for a temporary kitchen facility, mobile kitchen, modular kitchen, or kitchen trailer — we can help.  For more details or to receive a quote, please call us at (757) 487-8977 or email us by clicking here.