Provide a commercial functional temporary kitchen facility and collateral temporary facilities which meets federal sanitation and food service requirements and exceeds customer expectations. Establish a professional relationship with potential customers; identify customer requirements; evaluate space availability for a temporary kitchen facility; identify final floor plan; develop a logical plan and provide recommendations which meet customer specific requirements and space availability. Identify realistic delivery date and estimated time of set up at site location.

Standard practices within the guidelines and structure of International Standards of Operation (ISO 9001). The development of the company will be generated through hard work, honesty, and fair business practices. These qualities in Kitchen Corps team members will provide to our customer a comfortable feeling that Kitchen Corps is of high standards and trustworthy in the values it portrays. The company will offer quality products and services that will accurately address the needs and budget of each customer.

Team members will be given a position that utilizes their capabilities to the fullest while offering a chance for advancement within the organization when possible. All team members are expected to treat customers and other employees with respect, work to their potential and contribute to a harmonious working atmosphere.

Corporate Values

Committed to our team members and to their development, participation and recognition.

Products and services we deliver are always of the highest quality.

Devoted to serving our customers and exceeding their expectations.

Constantly explore new ideas and methods in order to increase our effectiveness.

Aggressively seek effective partnerships to improve our service and quality.

Act ethically; be open, honest and fair, be true to our word, and take full responsibility for our actions.